Edinburgh based Edesix designs and manufactures body worn video recording equipment for security use, law enforcement and the protection of those in public facing roles. In addition to improving safety, its software is capable of producing compelling legal evidence when needed.

The company sells its products and services to local authority enforcement teams, police forces, bailiffs, security personnel, and transport firms. Customers include First Great Western, The Ministry of Justice, Police Scotland and the Abu Dhabi Police Force.

How has Panoramic helped?

Edesix has secured two rounds of investment from Panoramic, totalling £1.5m, which has funded expansion into new markets such as the Middle and Far East and the continued development of technology.

The company is seeing significant demand for its products from overseas clients and Panoramic has worked with management to identify local partners that provide a cost-effective entry point into these new markets. The value of the contracts now being discussed represents a transformational opportunity for the business.

Edesix’ Co-Founder and Managing Director, Richie McBride:
“The demand for and investment in Body Worn Camera technology has grown significantly in recent years. With Panoramic’s support, Edesix has successfully penetrated key target markets, both within the UK and overseas, and can continue to expand its reach and meet customer demands.”