Panoramic investment in Captify nets exceptional return

From Series A investment to one of the UK’s biggest adtech success stories, Panoramic investment in Captify nets exceptional return. Since 2013, Panoramic’s unique three-pronged investment approach through capital, strategic board advisory and people and culture influence, leaves Captify primed for continued global expansion as company experiences record growth even after a decade in business

Panoramic Growth Equity (“Panoramic”), the leading equity investor in fast-growing, entrepreneurial companies, today announced that Panoramic Enterprise Capital Fund 1 LP has exited their investment in Captify Technologies (“Captify”), a “privacy first” search technology leader. As part of the transaction, Captify has secured a majority investment stake from SFW Capital Partners (“SFW”).  The transaction further enhances the exceptional financial return for investors in Panoramic Enterprise Capital Fund 1.

As it marks 10 years in business since its foundation in London, Captify has spent the last decade transforming the future of search across the open web and challenging the ways in which the walled gardens do business. Built on the foundation of direct integrations with the world’s leading publishers and e-commerce data providers, Captify holds the only privacy-centric, first-party, onsite search data ecosystem—without reliance on third-party cookies.

Panoramic has been part of that journey for 8 years, having led the Series A round in 2013 as the first institutional investor into the company.  Panoramic provided further investment as part of the Series B round in 2015, investing alongside Smedvig Capital.

Over the period of ownership the business has scaled significantly with revenues growing by more than 25x with the company now having 8 global offices and 280+ employees. Brands such as Disney, Unilever, eBay, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Nestle, GSK, Uber, Mars, P&G, Sony and Toyota use Captify’s dynamic audiences and real-time insights across pioneering applications such as search-powered CTV and video, Programmatic Search Intelligence (PSI) and Sense, the self-serve, search intent platform hailed as ‘Google trends on steroids.’

Panoramic Partner Malcolm Kpedekpo said, “Captify is the epitome of what we looked for in the growth part of our portfolio—an exceptional management team that is looking to scale rapidly where we can work in a true partnership utilising our complementary skills to take advantage of the opportunities and deal with the challenges of growth. Going beyond the typical investor-founder relationship, it has been a privilege to also guide Captify through arguably one of the most important areas of investment in growth—its people. Over the past 8 years, it’s been inspiring to partner with the founders to develop a powerful and brave core set of values around diversity, inclusion and a growth mindset. Captify has always been lightyears ahead in understanding the value of prioritizing culture and people, pioneering internal initiatives that bring together the founders, investors, leadership team and young brilliant minds from across the business, such as the Futures Board and the Diversity and Inclusion taskforce.  We look forward to seeing the business continue its exceptional growth trajectory.”

Adam Ludwin, CVO and co-founder of Captify said, “Over the past 8 years, Panoramic has been a powerful and positive force for Captify, much more so than a typical investor. Growing a fast-paced, high-growth business, naturally comes with amazing milsteones, but also typical challenges, but every step of the way, from global expansion, entering the US market to shaping the core product, Panoramic have always added unique value. From day one they have always believed in the growth potential of the business and myself and my co-founder Dominic Joseph are grateful for their support.’

Dominic Joseph, CEO & co-founder of Captify said, “Panoramic’s investment at the very early stages of Captify really set us up for remarkable growth. Their injection of capital, strategic partnership and confidence in the product and future of the business enabled us to achieve our mission of becoming the Search Intelligence Platform for the open web. They’ve always gone above and beyond to help us realize our ambitions and unblock potential barriers, constantly helping us look 10 steps ahead into the future. Many founders aren’t fortunate enough to have such strong, harmonious partnerships with investors, but Panoramic struck the perfect balance by getting into the parts of the business that we really needed their support on.”

Panoramic Growth Fund 2, alongside both Smedvig Capital and all the main existing shareholders, have invested alongside SFW in this round.