David Wilson Investment Partner

David is one of the three founding partners of Panoramic Growth Equity, which was established in 2009 in Glasgow to help fill the equity gap suffered by smaller companies in the UK. Panoramic are now investing their second fund, and with £100m under management, currently have a focus on £1-5m investments in both succession and development capital situations.

David has 20 years’ experience in UK-focussed private equity and corporate finance, having originally trained as a Chartered Accountant with Moore Stephens. His experience spans investments and advisory work across a wide selection of sectors and businesses at different stages. David has a particular interest in the world of technology and its application in allowing businesses to make their products or deliver their services, either better, faster or at lower cost (preferably all three).

David has sat on the Boards of many SMEs to help them achieve their ambitions, aided by his experience as an adviser as well as an investor, together with a natural passion to see those companies make successes of themselves. He lives in the Borders of Scotland with his family, and is a keen golfer and hill runner, time (and weather!) permitting.

Investments made:

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