Our code of conduct

Panoramic: Our code of conduct for employees and teams we back

At Panoramic, our mission has always been to invest alongside founders and management teams to help them achieve their growth ambitions and increase shareholder value.

This code of conduct provides a public commitment in order to make sure this is understood within our organisation and beyond.  It applies to all current employees of Panoramic. It also applies to all situations that are connected to work, including behaviour at work, working off-site, business trips, work-related functions, and events.


Panoramic is committed to improving diversity and inclusion in the private equity and venture capital industry, including increasing the participation of men and women from all backgrounds in the industry and ensuring our investment portfolio is led by founders from a diverse range of backgrounds.  This is one of the fundamental beliefs of our organisation and as an industry, we have to do more to improve the diversity of people operating in the industry.

Discrimination and Harassment

At Panoramic, we do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, retaliation or bullying. As representatives of Panoramic, we expect all employees of our firm to uphold this in the workplace and outside of it.

Panoramic and its employees are committed to maintaining a workplace free from unlawful harassment of any kind, for any reason, including sexual harassment. There are a range of behaviours (verbal, physical, or visual) that are unacceptable including: offensive and intimidating jokes, bullying or aggressive behaviour, unwelcome sexual advances, coercion, derogatory actions or remarks, and hostile acts towards protected groups.


We are committed to ensuring that we conducts all our activities according to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. As part of this, employees and partners must always behave honestly, fairly and with integrity in the workplace. Our business is conducted in strict observance with laws and the integrity of each employee and partner is of the utmost importance.

Reporting and enforcement

We encourage anyone to report violations of our code of conduct and we commit to taking all reports seriously. Equally, deliberately making a false claim will put you in breach of this code.

Complaint procedure

To confidentially report any incident involving a Panoramic employee, please contact any of our partners at; malcolm@pgequity.com, stephen@pgequity.com or david@pgequity.com. Any report will be handled with extreme confidentiality and the appropriate investigation performed.